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iShoutbox + Chat4all Shout support and bugs / Email Issues
« Last post by Spice on January 31, 2014, 03:53:44 PM »
I just got this pm from a member on my forum:
Thje girls used one of my old emails and was excepted we even got a validation email we hit the link to validate , and as soon as we did that all my emails have been locked out of your shout box. Seems like this site is only interested in gaining emails for some reason. i cannot get in to it using my account that have nothing to do with the other accounts, i went to post and i got username not valid and got kicked. you need to contact the chat people and demand my emails get deleted please as now i have PC PROBS. THROUGH THERE DNS and mine

Can you please advise?
Thank you
iShoutbox + Chat4all Shout support and bugs / Re: Members Editing and Deleting Shouts
« Last post by Spice on January 29, 2014, 02:13:03 AM »
Thank you for your quick reply. That is what I have it set at. I've just installed it so probably won't have any one using it until I log back in tomorrow. But I shall fine tune it then. Again, thank you. :)
iShoutbox + Chat4all Shout support and bugs / Re: Members Editing and Deleting Shouts
« Last post by Adonix on January 29, 2014, 01:31:07 AM »
Thank you for the compliment :)

Members (and guests) can edit/delete their own shouts, but only for the duration that is being set in the adminpanel (the default is 300 seconds). If you set it to 0 (zero), then editing/deleting is not possible unless you are an admin/mod with sufficient privileges. If you enable the advanced privileges in the adminpanel, then you can even finetune this by user type (guest, registered, mod, admin).
iShoutbox + Chat4all Shout support and bugs / Members Editing and Deleting Shouts
« Last post by Spice on January 29, 2014, 01:15:47 AM »
First of all let me just say, this is the best shoutbox(stand alone) for a forum I have found yet. Am I mistaken in that members can edit and delete their own shouts?

iShoutbox + Chat4all Shout support and bugs / Re: "Token is not correct"
« Last post by Adonix on January 28, 2014, 02:56:56 AM »
I was able to reproduce, and log, it when i opened two of the same shoutbox urls in the same browser/tab. I made a small change so that all tabs of the same browser share the same token for the same url. Hopefully this solves the problem.
iShoutbox + Chat4all Shout support and bugs / Re: "Token is not correct"
« Last post by Adonix on January 27, 2014, 10:30:08 PM »

The "Token not correct" message is a security feature that, every time someone posts a shout, the token that is sent with the shout (via a hidden form element), a check is made to see if that token is equal to the one that is stored in the user's session. If it is not, it is likely that either someone tampered with the form, or it is some kind of spam bot.

I have heard this question before, and since i cannot reproduce the errors on my end, i have now implemented something to log these kinds of errors. Maybe that will get me closer to why some people seem to get these errors.

iShoutbox + Chat4all Shout support and bugs / "Token is not correct"
« Last post by bluedino on January 22, 2014, 04:35:39 AM »
I and five other users that i'm aware of have gotten this message multiple times and it prevents us from using the ishoutbox until we refresh the page several times. Sometimes it only takes once, sometimes it takes many times. My users are complaining about it. Is there anything I can do to fix this? We use both Chrome and Firefox.
iShoutbox + Chat4all Shout support and bugs / Re: Autoscroll to bottom
« Last post by Adonix on January 22, 2014, 12:20:49 AM »
Hi akima,

This probably has to be done using JavaScript. I'll see if I can find something that will make this work.
iShoutbox + Chat4all Shout support and bugs / Autoscroll to bottom
« Last post by akinma on January 18, 2014, 02:15:04 PM »
How can I make the shoutbox to autoscroll to the last posted shout,
when using the descending order of shouts (newest shout appears
at the bottom)?

Currently it shows the top of the shoutbox (oldest shout) and I need
to scroll down manually to see the latest shout.
Shoutbox news / 17-11-2013: Shoutbox update
« Last post by Adonix on November 17, 2013, 01:38:47 AM »
The iShoutbox system was updated today. This is a fairly large update, and some options are changed from the previous version. A full review can be found below:

Enhanced Privileges: This new feature allows the owner (or admin with sufficient admin privileges) to finetune what each usergroup (admin, moderator, registered user, guest) can use on the shoutbox. An example of this is the use of ubb code in names, shouts, if links are allowed, and what kind of ubb code is available. Another example is the deletion/modification timelimit, and how many characters can be typed.

This feature can be enabled in the adminpanel, and overrides some of the global settings.  More items may be added to that list at some point. Note that the old property style system (mark, glow, etc through dropdown menus) will be disabled for the whole shoutbox if you enable the Enhanced Privileges. This means that everyone who used that old property system, will have to use the one with the colorpickers that was introduced later.
Improved Search: The shout search options have been revamped to provide more speed, and options for (very) large shoutboxes to still be able to find older shouts. Search can still take a while for some queries and for some very large shoutboxes, but it should be an overall improvement.
More Skin Customization Options: New customization options have been added. A few examples: Transparent Body Background, Option for color gradients for Cell 1, Main Shouts and alternating row Shouts, Separate color/font options for shouts which were set through the cell 2 options before, etc. Note that IE8 does not show borders around the gradients.
More Layout Options: To accompany the additional skin options, more layout options are available in the Preferences and Settings window. Most notable are the options to use curved borders. Curved borders can be set on the shoutbox, section bars, shout button, form fields.

In the shouts layout section, you can also enable curved borders on each individual shout. When you enable those curved borders on shouts, you can also leave the size value at 0, in which case when you enable the new Shout Borders option, you will have individual borders around every shouts.

When enabling those curved borders, the background behind the shouts will shine through at the curves, which can be defined in the skin settings.
New UBB Spoiler Tag: A new ubb tag is introduced. This tag is mostly used on forums to hide spoilers (film, games, etc), but can now also be used on shoutboxes: Spoilers ([spoiler] text here [/spoiler]). The spoiler tag allows users to hide certain text, until the unhide button is clicked to reveal it. The state (show/hidden) will be remembered through the existence of the browser session.
Shout Identifiers/Bookmarks: This new setting introduced in this version, allows for a unique shout identifier to be displayed below every shout. This identifier can be used as a reference to a shout by clicking on it, or typing @ID, where ID is the identifier (for example @23 for the 23rd shout). When you click on the @ID inside a shout, the shout it references to opens at the top of the shout list. This is very useful for busy shoutboxes as a way to type a response to a certain shout. This option can be enabled on the Preferences and Settings page.
Small Privileges Change: The introduction of the admin/mod specific privileges in february's update, made sure that exisiting admins/mods would still have all privileges they had before, eventhough they would not be set yet until such user profile is saved. This has now been changed a bit to disallow certain (easily abusable) options.
Skin Selection: The skin selection window in the adminpanel now allows for a live preview. This means it s no longer needed to save the skin every time. Skin selections can now be undone through the Logging page.
Skin Selection & Save Skins: The skin selection window in the adminpanel now also allows a choice between using only the skin settings, as well as the Skin including some Preferences and Settings options (like shout button type, borders, date and time in shouts, etc). There are currently no skins that have these additional settings, but I will modify a few soon. These options are also available on the Save/Restore Skin page.
Bug fixes: We fixed another few bugs in the shoutbox. It goes too far to name every one of them, but there were quite a few that I found along the way.

Due to the fact that a lot of new options and changes have happened with this new update, it is possible that new bugs were introduced. I have tried to test (and retest) as many options as possible, but due to the huge amount of options, it is possible I missed some. If you find a bug, please let me know either on this forum, or by opening a support ticket at . I hope everyone appreciates the improved iShoutbox :)
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