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Support / Re: Can we post images in the shoutbox?
« Last post by Chatter on May 25, 2018, 06:16:11 AM »
I'm asking a few long-term members what the max image size is for the shoutbox where we have been for the past 3 years.  So far, I've the answers I've seen 320x240 and 300x418.  Whatever it is, it's fairly small.
I don't think I have any restrictions on yahoo addresses for the shoutbox system. The restriction was added for the forum years ago due to countless spam accounts being created, originating from yahoo and hotmail addresses. I think a message like that is shown when you try to register using such address.

When I tried to sign up here for this forum, I was kicked/banned when I tried to sue a Yahoo address.
Does that also apply to shoutboxes, or will those accept Yahoo addresses?
Well, that's a bummer.  I'm not going to be an admin or mod, and I want to be able to find things among the past shouts.
iShoutbox + Chat4all Shout support and bugs / Re: Another question - older shouts
« Last post by Adonix on May 24, 2018, 02:57:43 PM »
Yes, anyone (guests as well) can see the archive (if enabled in the adminpanel... it is enabled by default), but searching is only possible from by admins and moderators (adminpanel and moderation panel).
This is probably for very busy shoutboxes with a fast moving shout stream, otherwise those mesages pile up. But no, this is not something that is currently possible with ishoutbox.
iShoutbox + Chat4all Shout support and bugs / Re: Use return key to post
« Last post by Adonix on May 24, 2018, 02:53:25 PM »
I'll think about it. Posting with enter does work if you setup the shoutbox to use a single line message field instead of a multiline (textarea). With a textarea it currently enters a newline.
Yes, this is configurable in the adminpanel. If enabled, users can register and confirm their registration, but they will not be able to login unless they are approved manually in the adminpanel.

I should probably either remove the features page or update it. Most of the updates of the past 7 years or so are not listed there.
Support / Re: This forum doesn't work with https
« Last post by Adonix on May 24, 2018, 02:49:03 PM »
True. This was set up years ago when https was not really that much of "a thing". Moving the forum is not a high priority for me though. As you can probably see, it is not used much at all.
Support / Re: Can we post images in the shoutbox?
« Last post by Adonix on May 24, 2018, 02:45:23 PM »
I, too, am interested in a way to display pictures that embedded links point to.  Same for videos.
(I'm looking for features that our outgoing service had, so if they could do it, you probably can too.)  Again, this should only be enabled by the admin.

This should indeed only be enabled by the admin, and configured per usergroup (admin/moderator/registered user/guest). And probably not be used for guests because it can be abused.

Does your current service perform any checking on what kind of file it is to prevent abuse? For example does it check if it is an image, and if its filesize is for example not 10GB? And how do you post the image? Just link the url or do you use BB code?

I'm currently working on it (including a checking mechanism), and will probably require UBB code. Checking will be done when the shout is posted, and when it is edited. Posting a shout can take significantly longer if image links are present, because the links will be checked on 1. if it exists, 2. is it an image, 3. is it not too large 4. dimensions.

While this will prevent most abuse, it will still be possible to abuse it, since the file will only be checked when posting/editing. So nothing will prevent someone from removing the image and replacing it with something else. It's undoable to check its validity every time the shouts are loaded.
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