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Title: Let's Quickly Play MSXdev Games!
Post by: FiXato on July 14, 2011, 02:56:43 AM
What started with recordings of 2 Yahtzee games, Breetveld's Yathzee ( and dvik's Yahtzee (, after finding the former's BASIC listing on MSX Blue (, turned into an initiative to record all available MSXdev games.
FiXato (, known for various walkthrough recordings, took it upon himself to have a go at this daunting task to record these wonderful games for future generations. With over 100 games ( released so far through MSXdev, it might take a while before every game has been recorded.
While his recordings might not be true Let's (Quickly) Play walkthroughs, since (for now) they lack narrative commentary and don't always finish a game, he does attempt to show as much of each game as possible, so you can get a nice picture of the game's features and gameplay.

Even though the recordings are done with the TAS-approved emulator openMSX (, the use of its reversing capability is kept to a minimum so you can get an idea of the difficulty of each game. Since FiXato hasn't played the majority of the games released during MSXdev, it might give an interesting beginner's point of view of those games.

The first games that have been reviewed in these series are Penguin Race (, Teki Paki (beta) (, Chocobo Racing (, Kralizec Tetris 8K (, Kralizec Tetris Battle 8K (, and MSXdev04 winner Sink King ( While technically not an MSXdev title, the improved Kralizec's Tetris for MSX ( has also been played and recorded.

All reviewed titles will appear in FiXato's Let's Quickly Play MSXdev Games! youTube playlist (
Title: Re: Let's Quickly Play MSXdev Games!
Post by: deaths on October 21, 2012, 02:07:02 PM
 :wink: sounds good