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Title: 16-12-2009 - Shoutbox news
Post by: Adonix on December 16, 2009, 07:39:09 PM
The long awaited new shoutbox version is finished. This new version will first be rolled out onto The reason for this is, since closing new registrations there last year and directing people to go to the chat4all shoutbox site, visitor rate has gone down. This means that i will not be converting the data there, but make a fresh restart. The old boxes will continue to function as normal.

Also, the shoutboxes on will not be converted, for the same reason as the boxes. Visitor rate has gone down. The old boxes will still function, but the main site will redirect to

The chat4all shoutbox service data however will be converted to the new version. Since the conversion script is not finished yet, that site will move over at a later stage. The data structure is significantly different from the old (current) version, so it takes a while to do it right.

Details, including an extensive list of all new features, will soon be posted. :)