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Title: 07-07-2015: Shoutbox update
Post by: Adonix on July 08, 2015, 12:36:34 AM
The shoutbox system was updated today. The changes and new additions are listed below:

Notifications (members): Registered members can now choose to be notified when a new shout is being posted while they are logged in. This can be enabled in the profile settings. Users can be notified by audio and/or a desktop notification where for about 5 to 15 seconds a visual notification is displayed, even if the browser is not in view.
Notifications (admins): In addition to the notifications that individual members can enable, an additional setting is available for owners and admins where a desktop notification can be shown whenever a new user registers on the shoutbox. This notification will also show if a user needs to be manually confirmed by an admin.
Extended time-out time: The inactivity AJAX time-out used to be the same (5 minutes) for both guests and registered users. The inactivity time-out for registered users is now extended to 1 hour. This means that AJAX checks for new shouts will continue for 1 hour, and if no activity is detected during that hour, AJAX requests will stop. If activity is detected within that hour, the timer will be reset again.
Shoutbox added/changed layout features: Several changes have been made in the shoutbox layout:

New user count bubble: A count bubble will appear in the shout form on the same line as the username whenever a new user registers and/or needs confirmation. This will appear if a user registers during the time you as owner or admin are logged in. It will also appear when you log in to show how many users have registered since your last login.

Sticky Shout background colour: It is now possible to set the background colour(s) of sticky shouts in the Skin Preferences. To use this, you will need to enable that feature in either the Preferences & Settings section (Option: "Show sticky shouts in a different colour") or enable it in the Skin Preferences. You can set 2 different colours if "Alternating colours" is enabled in Preferences & Settings.

Gradients: More colours can now have gradients set in the Skin Preferences. You can set a gradient, gradient orientation (top/bottom/left/right) and a gradient percentage. The setting changes are immediately visible in the shoutbox preview.

Shout button: It is possible to set a (radial) gradient on the shout button. This looks pretty good, especially in when an icon is used instead of the shout text inside the button. This gradient is only visible when the button is located next to the textarea.

Default Nickname colour: The default colour is nicknames used to be equal to the default colour of shout text. It is now possible to set teh default colour of nicknames to make it different from the shout colour.

Guests Options have moved: The options that were shown at the bottom of the shoutbox, have now moved behind an "options" link inside the shout form (or at the top of the shoutbox if the shoutbox is in private mode). When a user clicks on the options link, the shoutbox will show a list of options, including a login field. This means there is also no popup window anymore when a user wants to login. The options at the bottom of the shoutbox are still visible for shoutboxes that were already registered before this change was created. This can be removed by unsetting the "Show shoutbox options at the bottom (Legacy option)" option in the Preferences & Settings. The adminpanel link is removed in this new options screen.

Registered Member options: For registered members, the options that were at the bottom of the shoutbox, are now accessible by pressing the green dropdown arrow behind their nickname in the shout form. They are shown as icons for "logout, archive, profile, moderation, adminpanel", and can be hidden by pressing the arrow again. The profile window is also accessible by clicking the first letter/character of your nickname.

Edit Shout: The edit shout option for users used to open in a popup window. This is now changed, so that when a user presses the edit shout icon, the shout form is replaced by a Shout Edit form.

Options/shout edit header bars: The new options and edit shout sections have header/title bars. The colour (and gradient) of these bars and the text inside them can be set inside the Skin Preferences window.

Skin Preferences / Skin Selection: These two adminpanel sections already used to show a shoutbox preview. Now, this preview will move up and down when you scroll. This added flexibility also meant I could re-arrange the skin settings in the skin preferences window. The skin settings are now grouped in sections so it is easier to find out what belongs where.

CSS updates: Some settings in the layout CSS have changed. Mostly padding between shouts, space between the avatar and the nickname, etc.

CTRL-Enter shout submission: When a textarea is used to enter shouts, it is now also possible to submit the shout by pressing the CTRL-Enter keyboard buttons.
Pop-out: If the shoutbox is loaded inside an iframe (for example when it is embedded into your website), an addition "Pop-out" option is shown in the options list. When clicked, the shoutbox will open inside a popup and some settings will be (on the fly) changed temporarily to allow the for larger size of the popup.
Smilies cap change: It is now possible to define 100 smilies instead of 50.
Shoutbox border change: The "Change the Table Borders" option in the Preferences & Settings section now only has 2 options instead of 3. The "table and cells" border option was removed because it was not working correctly anymore with the newer layout features, and it would be too much work to fix it. All current shoutboxes that used to have this option set, now uses the "only main table" border.
Autoscroll and Shout form location: When the preferences & settings option "Message list orientation" is set to Ascending (latest shout at the bottom) is selected, the shoutbox now makes sure that the message list autoscrolls down when you load the shoutbox. Also, with some javascript requests the shoutbox would scroll to the top. This is now fixed so that no change in scrolling happens. If the shout form is located at the bottom, bookmarks (when clicked) are now also shown at the bottom.
New shoutboxes: The "complete" shoutbox option is now the default for new shoutboxes. The layout of this shoutbox has been changed/updated with curves, slightly larger font and removal of the options bar at the bottom. Ofcourse new users can update whatever they want from within the admin panel, but I thought this would be a better start than the old shoutbox settings.
Bug fixes: Quite a few bugs have been squashed. Mostly issues concerning CSS (like curves not being visible in several places under certain circumstances), and javascript, but also some usability issues such as an inabi9lity to restore more than one shout at the same time.

Due to the fact that a lot of new options and changes have happened with this new update, it is possible that new bugs were introduced. I have tried to test (and retest) as many options as possible, but due to the huge amount of options, it is possible i missed some. If you find a bug, please let me know :)
Title: Re: 07-07-2015: Shoutbox update
Post by: Adonix on July 09, 2015, 10:31:01 PM
Update 08-07-2015: Some bugs emerged after the update was released and are now solved: