Author Topic: 25-03-2011 - Shoutbox update  (Read 6546 times)

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25-03-2011 - Shoutbox update
« on: March 25, 2011, 02:45:40 AM »
We have updated the shoutbox system today and added/changed the following items:

Facebook Login: It is now possible to login using Facebook, and connect existing accounts to Facebook. Admin login is still password only.

Facebook Profile Picture: Users who have their account connected to Facebook, can display their profile picture as their shoutbox avatar. This is only available if the shoutbox allows avatars.

Shoutbox registrations improved: The shoutbox registration form has 3 new options to define the initial look of their shoutbox: Basic, which is how it was before (all extended features disabled), normal, which has a few more features and the user registration system enabled, and complete, which is a clone of    the ishoutbox demo box. Also the standard skin has changed.
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