Author Topic: 09-08-2010 - Chat4all Shoutbox news  (Read 6911 times)

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09-08-2010 - Chat4all Shoutbox news
« on: August 09, 2010, 08:12:11 PM »
For the past few years, we have been working on a much more improved version of the shoutbox software. A few months ago, we started using the new software on one of our other shoutbox domains (, and so far it has been running quite smoothly.  :bling:

At some point during the design process, it became clear that the old version was no longer upgradable. Among others, due to a new url structure. It took a while, but we finally made the decision to not upgrade the Chat4all Shoutbox system. This means that from this point on, no new shoutboxes can be created on the site. The old system will continue to function as usual, so that shoutbox owners who do not wish to upgrade, will continue to be able to use the service. All shoutbox owners currently using the system have been notified.

All links on the site have been updated and are pointing towards the new URL. The admin section of the old shoutbox system can be reached through the Old Login link in the menu at the left.

Current Chat4all Shoutbox users can upgrade by registering a new shoutbox at the After registering, the old shoutbox data (shouts, skin, settings) can be imported via the administration panel.

We invite you to check out the new features, and register your new shoutbox at:

Questions about this can be posted in this forum, or open a ticket in our support system.
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