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Server move and Support portal
« on: August 25, 2009, 02:10:43 PM »
Server move:

The past week we have moved all websites over to a new server. This new server is a lot fast than the old one, and has improved security for our websites. These features will especially be recognised by our shoutbox users (chat4all shout, xignashout, ishoutbox), as these services are targets by spammers and other people with malicious intent. These automated scanning features trap spam before it is being posted, blacklists the poster for 10 minutes (during which all server access is removed), and presents a 404 or 403 page. We will also continue to use our own shoutbox spam detector, and update it if necessary.

IRC move:

The IRC server at will also be moved to the new server (before 7/09/2009). Any updates regarding this will be posted both here and on twitter when they become available.

New support portal:

Thanks to Kayako (, we have procured a free license to their helpdesk software. This software is a lot more elaborate than the previous setup, and will provide us with an improved way to offer support. Note that we were unable to import the old database into the new support portal. This means that everyone will have to re-register.

As a test, we have enabled e-mail response to the ticket system. This will allow you to respond, via e-mail, to updates you receive on tickets. New tickets can also be created via this e-mail system, but that is only open to registered members. Ofcourse it is still possible (and better) to respond to tickets via the support portal itself.

Registration to the support portal will be done automatically upon submitting your first ticket. You can also register manually via the link provided on the portal's main page.

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