Author Topic: ReCaptcha installed on chat4all forum  (Read 23558 times)

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ReCaptcha installed on chat4all forum
« on: February 10, 2009, 11:32:45 AM »
Due to the enormous amounts of spam registrations on the forum, we have installed reCaptcha on the registration page. Also, due to the high number of registered spam bots, i had to resort to deleting all accounts with 0 amount of posts created after September 2008. There is a chance that in this mass delete process there were also bonafide accounts with 0 posts deleted. If you had a 0 post account here, and it's no longer registered, then i apologize for the deletion. The large number of spam accounts made it impossible to distinguish between malafide and bonafide registrations.

With reCaptcha, the chance of spam bots registering is now greatly reduced. This means that such mass deletion will in all likelyhood no longer occur in the future.
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Re: ReCaptcha installed on chat4all forum
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 :haha: :uzi: :uzi: wow!!