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Chat4all Class
« on: April 05, 2004, 04:42:45 PM »
Do you need education ?

well we think you do :P Not in dayly life! no on the chatservers ;)
It's not going to be education on how to behave ... cause we just kick or ban you if you cant  o_O

This first class will handle about Channel modes

pls check this link it's in dutch (sorry) next one will be in english. Read it and give me some comments on it pls :) otherwise it's going to be difficult to make it as you want it!

You've probably noticed the logon message :)
Incase you missed it here is it again
Code: [Select]
04:21:04 -- Global [Logon News - Apr 05 2004] Chat4all zal binnenkort een "class" sessie houden. Wat houdt dit in ? Deze sessie zal over de verschillende Channelmodes handelen. Lees meer op en geef AUB wat commentaar! Vragen join #help of memo me. Grtz

You are alway welcome to give me some feedback on the site or as a reply to this thread.

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