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Welcome to IdleRPG " A Pilgrims Progress or Lack OF "

Here in IdleRPGland We IDLE HARDCORE
We have to, there aint many of us hehehe

I dunno what genius invented this game, frankly i don't give a damn.
I love it.
As for him, the creator, he's no different from the others in here.
If he drops by to play and i beat him in battle, i'll rip out and devour, his still beating heart.
He can watch if he wants as he slumps to the ground, to the sound of the blood squelching and dripping all around.

Now then whats it all about thats what folks that dont know want to know, I dunno really.
but basicly you lounge around in idleness while you do stuff elsewhere, and have battles and quests and the like while you enjoy yourself..
pretty simple really..As for me i started to play then thought i'd do some sort of daily account of my day..
that was ok to a point but i got bored and then stoned, Then changed to the dark side slightly well kind of'ish...
much to the discust of yoda and obi bloody wan canhardly, who by the way don't approve of ripping out and eating still beating hearts.
Don't give in to the dark side they shouted as i gave them the finger and crossed over into the strange world of IdleRPG.
The game is played out on, in the room #idlerpg.
It's played on some sort of grid system, lets not get technical tho,
a map and other info can be found here.
An introduction of my character can be found here,440.0.html
As you progress withn the game you will notice that for a start the time periods between increases in levels is short.
the higher your level longer it takes to reach the next,
the longer you stay online and idle the more chance you have of getting picked for a quest
completed quests are rewarded with a reduction in time to the next level for the participants in that quest.
Other stuff happens good and bad the rest is what you make it..So here goes mine..... :sleepy:

We join my story quite someway in. The early days of my story are fast and sometimes confusing,
as i get my head around this land of idleness. I level up quickly, for a start, noticing that each time i level
more time is added to attain the next. Despite the lack of other players battles and challenges come at a steady,
But sometimes frantic pace.  :sleepy:

My tale starts on April 30th 2008.
I start my life of idleness as, pariah the egg'ead.
We pick the story up as i'm trying to attain level 47.
My goal is far off in the distance,
I'm by nature a lazy, late sleeper, i love nothing more than my bed.
Besides the streets are not fully aired before midday, i breakfast on berries and a couple of coots eggs,
that i just happened to find in a nest in the reeds of the small brooke, nearby.
That done i get my first challenge of the day. pariah [335/399] has challenged cloontje [556/798] in combat and lost! 17 days, 18:20:21 is added to pariah's clock. I get my arse kicked good and proper for my troubles...This penalty leaves me dejected as my goal is ripped further from my grasp.
I must have done some pretty bad things in a previous life .Things that were probally worse than pulling whiskers from kittens  :sleepy:

[21:53:28] <IdleRPG> pariah [267/399] has challenged Siiw [846/1065] in combat and lost! 23 days, 04:48:36 is added to pariah's clock.

Maybe you pulled one off Shiva?

I have over the last few days started to wonder if i was really bad in some previous life.
The levels i have attain so for seemed quite easy by comparision to this one.
The sky sudenly darkens and appears to split as i look up. I see the hand it's finger outstretched.
<~IdleRPG> Thereupon He stretched out His little finger among them and consumed pariah with fire,
slowing the heathen 22 days, 05:55:07 from level 47. Now thats not nice what did i do to deserve that...
<~IdleRPG> pariah reaches next level in 193 days, 08:59:10. I'm now convinced I did something really bad in a previous life..
they must have been very bad things probally worse than pulling whiskers from kittens hehe..
Next i get a chance to challenge Siiw this i loose and am penalised a further 23 days..
She says it serves me right and that the beating is in case i pulled one of Shiva's whiskers out....
Darkness falls over the land, i bed down for the the night, hoping for a long peacefull sleep....


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