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New features
« on: August 04, 2006, 01:33:03 PM »
Today i have updated the shoutbox service (both Xigna Shout and Chat4all Shout) with several new features  :tongue::

  • Change Form Position: Webmasters can now change the position of the shouts entry form to either the top or the bottom of the shoutbox.
  • Remove website field: Webmasters can now remove the website field from the shoutbox to prevent users from advertising their URL
  • Remove Time+Users Online: Webmasters can now choose to remove the Time+Users Online text from the top of the top of the Shoutbox
  • Colour picker: You now have a colour picker in your skin editor. This will make modifying your skin a lot easier and friendlier.

In addition to the above features, i also added the following:

  • Modified registration procedure: The registration page has been secured and has error checking implemented. This means that not all forms of shoutbox names are possible anymore. Ofcourse users who already registered their shoutbox will keep their shoutbox name. This only applies to new registrations.
  • Login from the website: You can now also login at your admin panel through our website, which makes it easier in case you haven't added the shoutbox to your site yet and forgot the URL to your shoutbox. Also, the admin screen is resizable there.

I sincerely hope you like all these new features and changes. If you come accross any problems or bugs .. let me know.  :bling:  :tongue:
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Re: New features
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2006, 11:20:23 PM »
When and if this feature could be implemented it would be nice to have the ability to host additional smilies.

  • Hosting the images by the shoutbox owner (admin)
  • Linking to those images via input area in CP
  • Setting special triggers to display the additional smiley

I know we can host new smileys and use the existing triggers but it would be nice to host additional. :)

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