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simple green
« on: July 03, 2006, 08:59:12 AM »
Name/title of your shoutbox skin: Simple green
Link Color:   D5EEEE
Link Decoration:   none
Active Link Color:   D3EEEE
Active Link Decoration:   underline overline
Visited Link Color:   D6EEEE
Visited Link Decoration: none 
Body BG Color:   68838B
Body BG Image:   
Body Font Face:   Verdana,Arial
Body Font Size:   10px
Body Font Color:   E0FFFF
Input BG Color:   FFFFFF
Input BG Image:   
Input Border Color:   000000
Input Font Face:   Verdana,Arial
Input Font Size:   10px
Input Font Color:   3454A0
Cell 1 BG Color:   668B8B
Cell 1 BG Image:   
Cell 1 Font Face:  Verdana,Arial
Cell 1 Font Color:  E0FFFF
Cell 1 Font Size:   10px
Cell 2 BG Color:   446B6B
Cell 2 BG Image:   
Cell 2 Font Face:  Verdana,Arial
Cell 2 Font Color:   E0FFFF
Cell 2 Font Size:   10px
Table Border Color:    000000


I used the colours of my forum to create this skin, but I prefer that everyone can use it ;)

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Re: simple green
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2006, 10:54:26 PM »
Thanks!  :bling: I have just tested the skin, and added it to both the Chat4all shoutbox service and XignaShout  :yes:
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