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Jesus wants to be admin
« on: July 28, 2005, 01:53:46 AM »
Session Start: Wed Jul 27 02:30:21 2005
Session Ident: Jesus
[02:30] Session Ident: Jesus (Jesus@E795EE9C.6067B803.DC2191A1.IP)
[02:30] (Jesus): hey adonios
[02:30] (Sleeping-Adonis): yes?
[02:30] (Jesus): i thought you were sleep
[02:31] (Sleeping-Adonis): just busy
[02:31] (Jesus): well
[02:31] (Jesus): i want to be an adim
[02:32] (Jesus): crazy hits
[02:32] (Sleeping-Adonis): admin at chat4all?
[02:32] (Jesus): yes
[02:32] (Sleeping-Adonis): sorry, thats not going to happen
[02:32] (Jesus): why?
[02:32] (Sleeping-Adonis): those positions are invitation only
[02:32] (Jesus): so ur being racist?
[02:33] (Sleeping-Adonis): whats racism got to do withit
[02:33] (Jesus): dunno thats why im asking you
[02:33] (Sleeping-Adonis): i'm asking you... who said i judge by race?
[02:34] (Jesus): uhh
[02:34] (Jesus): jeez i just wanted a job
[02:34] (Jesus): i'll even work for free
[02:34] (Jesus): ok?
[02:34] (Sleeping-Adonis): we dont even pay people
[02:35] (Jesus): so then
[02:35] (Jesus): how do you make money?
[02:35] (Sleeping-Adonis): but like I said... it is invitation only
[02:35] (Sleeping-Adonis): we dont makemoney
[02:35] (Jesus): lmao
[02:35] (Jesus): some job u've got
[02:35] (Sleeping-Adonis): This is not supposed to make money
[02:36] (Jesus): it's not?
[02:36] (Jesus): why are you working for it?
[02:37] (Jesus): ignoring me ?
[02:37] (Sleeping-Adonis): i own it
[02:37] (Jesus): ok i get it
[02:37] (Jesus): i know that
[02:37] (Sleeping-Adonis): i'm rich... i need to do *something* with my money.. don't i?
[02:38] (Jesus): ok....
[02:38] (Jesus): you're rich?
[02:38] (Sleeping-Adonis): yea
[02:39] (Jesus): why are you helping us you could be buy all kinds of crap right now
[02:39] (Jesus): buying*
[02:39] (Sleeping-Adonis): help who?
[02:39] (Jesus): us
[02:39] (Sleeping-Adonis): what for?
[02:39] (Jesus): us ppl
[02:39] (Jesus): ...
[02:40] (Sleeping-Adonis): why?
[02:40] (Jesus): i think you're crazy
[02:40] (Sleeping-Adonis): I just offer this free service
[02:40] (Sleeping-Adonis): and I dont want anything in return
[02:41] (Jesus): ohh you're those kind of ppl
[02:41] (Sleeping-Adonis): whats wrong with that?
[02:41] (Sleeping-Adonis): you are using our free service
[02:42] (Jesus): well you've got a limit to how you're putting into this program right?
[02:43] (Jesus): are ya there?
[02:43] (Sleeping-Adonis): sorry, i'm busy
[02:43] (Jesus): well ok
[02:43] (Jesus): but guess what when all ur money is gone don't start crying
[02:44] (Jesus): it's going to be your own fault
[02:44] (Jesus): ok im outta here
[02:44] (Sleeping-Adonis): err\
[02:44] (Sleeping-Adonis): where should my money be going to?
[02:44] (Jesus): yeah thats right
[02:45] (Jesus): in your own pocket
[02:45] (Jesus): you earned it
[02:45] (Jesus): its ur money
[02:45] (Sleeping-Adonis): i cant use it all up.. even if I wanted to
[02:45] (Jesus): ....
[02:45] (Sleeping-Adonis): so i dunno what the problem is
[02:45] (Jesus): how much cash you got
[02:45] (Sleeping-Adonis): more than enough
[02:46] (Jesus): well if your so rich
[02:46] (Jesus): why wont you make a game like runescape
[02:46] (Sleeping-Adonis): i am not interested in games
[02:47] (Jesus): what are you?
[02:47] (Jesus): dude
[02:47] (Sleeping-Adonis): ?
[02:47] (Jesus): you're too nice
[02:47] (Jesus): ppl are going to take advantage og you
[02:47] (Sleeping-Adonis): nah, im use to it
[02:48] (Jesus): so if i ran up to you and asked you if i can have half of ur money u'll give it too me?
[02:48] (Sleeping-Adonis): nope... people who beg should work for it
[02:49] (Jesus): so it's not going to happen
[02:49] (Sleeping-Adonis): hey.. i worked for it... why should I just give it to people who dont want to work.
[02:49] (Jesus): ok
[02:50] (Jesus): i know some one who is dying and they need money go call them up and donate to them!
[02:51] (Sleeping-Adonis): ummmm...................... no
[02:51] (Jesus): so you are selfish in some areas
[02:51] (Sleeping-Adonis): you are not?
[02:52] (Jesus): when i have to be
[02:52] (Sleeping-Adonis): exactly
[02:52] (Jesus): well i bet ur not richer than me
[02:53] (Sleeping-Adonis): if you have millions.. then not
[02:54] (Jesus): actually i am bill gates
[02:54] (Sleeping-Adonis): well yea then you have more
[02:55] (Jesus): yep
[02:57] (Jesus): well i hope someone robs you of ur money you
[02:57] (Sleeping-Adonis): thank you :)
[02:57] (Jesus): grr
[02:58] (Jesus): your just happy cuz you're rich
[02:58] (Jesus): you think ur better than ppl
[02:59] (Jesus): you expect us to bow down and worship u
[02:59] (Sleeping-Adonis): nope... who said that?
[02:59] (Jesus): ok bye i have to eat dinner
[02:59] (Jesus): i have to eat dinner
[02:59] (Jesus): bye-bye
[02:59] (Sleeping-Adonis): i'm just happily minding my own business... and you come here accusing me
[03:00] (Jesus): shutup
[03:00] (Sleeping-Adonis): bye
[03:00] (Jesus): bye
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Jesus wants to be admin
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2005, 03:05:23 AM »
Some people...

I guess Jesus had second thoughts about doing all his previous healings for free ;P

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Jesus wants to be admin
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2005, 01:27:51 PM »
Jesus, wat een verhaal :P
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Jesus wants to be admin
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2005, 05:17:14 PM »
Whaha, grappig :P