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is there anyway to disable The time limit in seconds for users online? thanks...

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Hi Whew,

I assume this is the same question as you asked in another topic? :

is there anyway we can disable the 300 seconds or 5 minutes autorefresh to coninually refresh the shoutbox? thanks

The 300 second time-out is only reached when there is no activity for 5 minutes in a row. If during those 5 minutes, someone posts a shout, or edits a shout, or deletes a shout, or you post a shout, then that counter is reset to 0 for everyone viewing the shoutbox at that time. If there is no activity for 5 minutes, then auto refresh is disabled, and a refresh icon (2 green arrows) is displayed which can restart the counter.

This 5 minute counter exists to preserve server resources. An ajax check is made to the server every x seconds to see if anything has changed. If you have a lot of visiotors to a site that holds a shoutbox, then you need to multiply the ajax requests by that number. That can amount to a lot of server resources. If the box is not active, then those resources are effectively wasted.

iShoutbox is a free service for whoever uses it, but the servers (and their resources) it runs on have to be paid by someone. Currently they are paid by myself, and the cost does not even nearly outweigh the income, which means i have to be very conscious as to how these resources are being used. This means that unfortunately, i cannot extend (or make unlimited) the refresh period.
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sorry bout the double post...

anyway thank you for the information... now I understand why... :bling: