Author Topic: 26-01-2013: Shoutbox update  (Read 7660 times)

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26-01-2013: Shoutbox update
« on: January 27, 2013, 12:30:59 AM »
We have updated the shoutbox system today and added/changed the following items  :bling::

Layout Changes: The users online counter has been moved from the top of the shoutbox, to just below the shout input field. The Ajax refresh animation is moved to that same spot, which makes the fact that the shoutbox refreshes more visible. The smilie- and USBC icon's are now visible by default (for new shoutboxes).
User Changes: Registered users can select their own timezone. They also need to have a valid e-mail address, as a confirmation mail will be sent to new users as well as when users want to change their e-mail address. Users now also have the option to delete their account.
Configurable Options: From the adminpanel, the following new options can be configured. Option to display the timezone abbreviation at the top of the shoutbox instead of the notation. For example, CET instead of GMT+1. Option define what kind of borders are displayed in the shoutbox (none, table and cells, and just the shoutbox). Option to visually separate the shout form from the shoutbox itself (making the shoutbox background shine through the gap between them). Option to use a predefined icon inside the shout button, instead of the shout text. Option to define the way links are shown inside shouts.
Skin Options: The shoutbox skin can be customized further. New customizations include: Shout form background colour, Shout button colour, font type and bold/not bold. Options area background colour, etc. All skin settings can now be live previewed in all major browsers.
Permissions: A permissions system is now introduced, where the shoutbox owner (and admins if they have the correct permissions) can finetune what moderators and admins are allowed to do, on a per user basis. All admins and moderators that have been created before this new system was released, have all permissions by default, until the owner or admin either sets permissions, or simply saves the affected admin or moderator's profile page from the admin panel.
Usermanager: The usermanager is now searchable, which allows owners and admins of shoutboxes with a larger userbase to easily find the person(s) they are looking for.
Shoutbox Logging: A lot of actions done in the adminpanel (and some outside), are now logged. These logs are only visible to the shoutbox owner, and admins (if they have the required privilege). The logs show who performed the action (such as adminpanel login attempts). In cases where the settings, skin or smilies are changed, a restorepoint is created, which allows the action to be reversed to the point before that. These restorepoints can be found in the log. The log can be searched.
Moderation: Users with moderator privileges (such as Owner, Admin, Moderator), can now also moderate shouts and shout posters from within the shoutbox (and also archive). Upon logging in, an additional icon is visible below the shout input field. When clicking on this icon, moderation icons will be visible on the shouts (ban/unban, suspend/unsuspend, delete). The type of action available to the moderator depends on the privileges that have been set.
Refresh: Due to the fact that some shoutboxes are located on sites with a lot of users, we now have a limit in place of 300 users per shoutbox who have auto-refresh on the chat simultaneously. When that amount is reached, new users will not have auto refresh. For those users, a refresh icon is displayed. When users exit the chat (after 5 minutes of inactivity), and the amount of realtime users drops below 300, new users will be accepted for realtime chat.
Timezone: A new timezone system is introduced that replaces the old one. This system will auto-update daylight savings time. With this new system, there is also an option to display the timezone abbreviation at the top of the shoutbox (and inside shouts) instead of the notation. For example, CET instead of GMT+1. It was not possible for us to convert the old system to the new one, so we guessed the timezone name based on the old timezone number. It is advised to set this to the correct timezone.
Shout Form: The width of the shout fields form is now no longer set (calculated) by javascript, but done using css. This was done because in some browsers (especially mobile browsers), the width was incorrectly calculated, which caused strange behaviour. This system fixes that, but it also means that in old browsers (such as IE7 and below) that did not have the css options we use, the shoutbox will not be correctly visible.
USBC Options: There are now several more USBC options available. The first one is the option to define a colour using a colourpicker. This allows for a lot more possible colours. This new option is available for text, text background (marker) and (if the browser allows it), text glow. These options are also available for registered users in their profile window. Another new USBC option is the option to set an url description as well as the url.
Bug fixes: A lot of bugs have been fixed, but since a lot has also changed in this new version, it is possible that new bugs have been introduced. Please let us know if you find any bug.

We have also changed the way the shout moderation window handles shouts. We have some boxes that hold more (and some a whole lot more) than 50,000 shouts, causing the moderation windows to load slowly. Until a permanent fix is created, there is a cap on the number of shouts that can be moderated. This cap is set to 50,000 shouts. This means that only the last 50,000 shouts can be viewed, searched and moderated. This does not mean shouts past the 50,000 mark are gone. They are still there, and once we create a solution for handling this problem, those shouts will be viewable/searchable again.
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