Author Topic: 02-08-2015: Shoutbox update  (Read 10183 times)

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02-08-2015: Shoutbox update
« on: August 02, 2015, 09:02:52 PM »
A new iShoutbox update was just released:

iShoutbox News: Every shoutbox now has a news icon (lightbulb icon) present when an owner, admin or moderator clicks on the additional options icon (green arrowdown icon). This news icon will be yellow when there is new iShoutbox news, and will become blue after the news has been viewed. This is introduced because many shoutbox users do not visit the iShoutbox website, and are thus unaware of important changes/updates to our service. If there is unread news, the lightbulb is also present next to the dropdown arrow.

Moderation update: The shout moderation panel now displays an additional column showing the time and date when a shout was posted. The bookmarks (@ID) are now clickable inside the moderation panel. The bookmarked shout will be displayed below the list of shouts.

Avatar updates: A few items have been added/changed in the Preferences and Settings panel under User Settings:

Enable default iShoutbox avatars: This is a new option that allows you to disable/enable the use of our default 16 pixel avatar icons. This is useful if you want to have avatars like gravatar/facebook, but do not like the standard icons.

Enhanced avatar display 1: This new option allows you to define the avatar layout style. Previously the only style available was the default square or curved corners. This option allows you to select completely round avatars, or square (curved corners if the shouts are cruved).

Enhanced avatar display 2: In addition to the above, you can choose if the avatar should show the online/offline status (if show online status is enabled). It can be shown as a green glow below the avatar, or a green round insert with checkmark (like the online/offline status in skype).

Parse smilies in username: Previously, if smilies were enabled, they would also be parsed in usernames. It is now possible to use smilies, but disallow parsing of smilies inside usernames. This is can be found in the Preferences and Settings, and is called: "Convert Smilies in Name".

Select Skin: The second column in the skin selection window used to show a small colour preview using the colours of the body background, cell1 and cell2. This was years old, and no longer representative of the wide range of new skin editing options. I have changed it so that this column now shows the colour palette, where wide bars constitute much used colours and smaller bars lesser used colours.

New skins: Many of the skins you can select are old and do not use the many new skin editing features. The past few weeks I have created a few new skins, which can be viewed in the skin selection window. One of which is the very bright skin that was present on the demo shoutox in the days after the last update, and i've added a skin matching the palette of facebook and one using the skype palette. There will be more skins soon. One other thing is that it is possible to not only preview and use the skin, but also preview and use it with the settings of the shoutbox that submitted the skin. In case of the skins I added, this means the settings of the demo shoutbox. Official ishoutbox skins will have the suffix "(isb)" after the skin name.

Language override: Registered users can now override the shoutbox language and text orientation from within their profile window.

Tooltip override: Registered users can now remove the black tooltips on the shoutbox from within their profile window.

Shout character cap increase: The previous maximum amount of characters for shouts (selectable from the admin panel) was set at 3,000. It is now set to 20,000. This can be set in the preferences and settings window, and also in Enhanced Privileges.

Keepalive: An ajax poller was added to the preferences and settings window and skin preferences window to prevent a session time-out. Creating a good looking shoutbox skin can take some time, and it is no fun if you want to save your creation, only to find out that your session expired. This poller prevents the time-out.

Shoutbox registration: The registration of new shoutboxes was updated by removing the choice of shoutbox type. Most people already picked the 'complete' option, and many who did pick one of the other options wanted to move to the complete option afterwards. New registrations will now create a 'complete' shoutbox that looks a lot like the demo shoutbox on the website. Also, the default welcome message for new shoutboxes is expanded to include info on how to use the shoutbox.
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