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A couple of questions.



1) Is it at all possible to get the options menu (the one with links to the admin panel etc) to appear at the top of the shout box?
2) Is it possible to get the message/input box to stay stickied at the top of the shout box?


Hi Tom,

1) Technically it would be possible to place the option links at the top of the shoutbox, but it probably would not look good. Why would you want to do that?

2) When you go to the adminpanel and then "Preferences and Settings", you can manage the layout of the shoutbox. The option you want is probably "Shouts In Frame". With this enabled, the shoutbox is always the same height, no matter how many shouts are displayed. The shouts are displayed (and scrolled) inside a frame within the shoutbox. You can control the height of the shouts frame with the "Shouts Frame Height" option.


I want to have the options at the top so that users can clearly see the login button and not have to scroll down to find it, when they might not even know it's there. :)

Edit: Actually, on second thoughts, it looks fine as it is! Thanks for the info. :)


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